Probably the best pastime in the world

pike go in

musket fight

pike fight

pike go ina battle

battlemarching in to fight

We are a Parliament Regiment in the Sealed Knot Society. We meet up for weekends about once a month throughout the summer and re enact English Civil War battles. The fighting is with pike (long poles) or muskets—there are also non fighting roles for drummers and camp followers and children can get involved in pre battle displays. We socialise in the evenings and generally have a good time.

Why do we do it?

Because there is something for everyone and so many different types of people are involved it’s easy to find your niche.

Some people get an adrenalin rush from the battle (more like rugby than fighting), using muskets and pike is exhilarating. Some enjoy getting into character to portray life as it really was for soldiers and civillians. Some love the social side—drinking and (if you’ve got the inclination and the energy) dancing the night away in the beer tent. Some—particularly younger members and their parents enjoy the freedom a safe camp site allows them and the chance to make new friends. Others enjoy the opportunity of camping in the grounds of castles and stately homes (sometimes farmers’ fields).

Why not come and join us for a weekend taster and experience the pre battle tension, the excitement of the battle, the camaraderie on the battlefield and the atmosphere of the beer tent?