Col John Birch's Regiment of Foote

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Roles within the Regiment

There are a variety of different roles within the regiment, all of which you can try when you join. There are short descriptions of these below: follow the links for a fuller description and pictures. Whatever you decide to do, full training will be given.


Musketeers not only have the thrill of firing a fully-proofed replica musket within a well-ordered block, but also enjoy demonstrating their own personal skill-at-arms with swords and the clubbed butts of their muskets in hand-to-hand combat. Being a musketeer enables you to be a swash-buckling d'Artagnan while still enjoying the camaraderie of the block!



Pikemen are armed with eighteen foot ash pikes. The pike block always fights at close quarters. It is a very physical, full-contact role, and because of the need to fight competitively as a unit, the camaraderie within the block is second to none. Being a pikeman is like being a prop forward with armour and a stick!



The drummers are a vital part of the regiment and are used to muster the troops, to lead the regiment onto the field, to relay orders, and to help tired legs get back from the battle. Even the most hardened Knotter can't fail to be stirred by the sound of the drums announcing the call-to-arms.



Civilians perform a variety of important roles on and off the field. Camp followers water the troops and loot the dead on the battlefield. There are also civilians performing cameo roles, who work along the crowd-line. There are various characters such as preachers, traders, whores, beggars and aristocrats: in fact, think of a character and they'll be there!



The noise and smoke of the cannon can be the most dramatic and atmospheric component of a show, and always attracts the cameras. The artillery pieces fired on the battlefield range from small falconettes to full-sized cannon. An artillery crew's jobs include one-on-one contact with the public demonstrating how a cannon is fired, as well as playing an important and spectacular role in the main battles.


The Knot is a great and safe environment for kids—regiments look out for their members and if your children are too young for the battlefield, there are plenty of activities to keep them occupied while you're busy having fun. The Apprentices at Armes meet at all major events and form a kids' regiment within the Sealed Knot, supervised and safely trained in all aspects of Sealed Knot battle drill and combat, and often play a part in pre-battle displays.